Chapter 4 | No calling dibs

The friend that does this should be left at home! Chapter 4 | No calling dibs Take Notes is a segment we produce @PublicLVNG because so many stories and lessons happen in social settings that go undiscussed we decided to jot them down and share them with you… some are funny, some interesting and all of them have a lesson to hold on to. I used to know a few guys that would call “dibs” on attractive women they haven’t even approached yet. Some would befriend women and never make a move to show interest and would still make it very clear to all other men, this woman was off the market! It’s also happened in reverse! I’ve had women tell me they couldn’t exchange numbers with me because their friend (someone I am not attracted to) called dibs on me. #TakeNotes #PublicLVNG #Dating #SocialLife #RedPill